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OS Express

Welcome to CCofSalem's express lane. OS (Operating System) Express is our way of providing an even lower-cost solution to your technology service needs.  Forget about 10 items or less - get in the fast lane for a complete re-configuration of your system!

Get in the fast lane for just $60
$80 Shop Service + $40 Expedite

And as always, still flat-rate, non-hourly with no surprises!
Got a new system? Got a used system? 'OS Express' it!
So many new systems come with junk-ware and 60-90 day trials of office and antivirus software, all slowing down your system or designed to sell you something - uninstalling these things removes them but will always leaves things behind that you don't want ...
You just got a great deal on a used system from a friend or family member, or even on craigslist, but it's got files from the previous user, it's not setup correctly, or worse, it's infected with viruses and spyware - disinfecting can still leave hidden problems that may surface later ...
We'll wipe the drive completely (no chance of bugs/junk-ware being left behind) and perform a clean install of your operating system along with our free software package, and we'll also be sure to optimize your re-configured system for the best protection, speed & performance!
Please Note: Data backup/recovery/import is not included in the OS Express service
Click Here to visit our Signature Shop Service page - this option may be a better fit!

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