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Welcome to our refer-a-friend program. We believe that "word of mouth" advertising says the most about us! When you get great service, share it with your friends, family and co-workers. Invite them down to our shop where you both get a bonus for their visit!

Refer a friend and both save ten!
Here's what they get Here's what you get Thank you
The friends you refer get to check in for a full $10 off their first shop service visit to Custom Computers of Salem. With our already low, flat-rate labor, that's a hefty savings!  Be sure to have them mention your name, so we can be certain that you get credit as well.
We wouldn't want you to feel left out! You get to take the same $10 discount off our signature shop service the next time you need it, and it's good for anyone in your household. You can even check in at the same time as your referral to get your discount right away!
We want to be sure to thank you - both the ones doing the referrals and the ones coming in for them! It is with the support and appreciation of our customers that we are able to be here, providing our ever-growing list of technology services to this great community!
To print this coupon, simply left-click the image above, select "File" and then "Print"
If you just can't wait to spread the word about our great service,
click here to download and print three referral coupons, all on one page!

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