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Welcome to our services page. Custom Computers of Salem is the home of "flat rate computer repair." Here you will find a list of all the programs and services we offer as well as the current rates.

Signature Shop Service
Flat-Rate, Non-Hourly, No Surprises
When your computer is acting up, the last thing you need is concern about cost.  It can be so confusing to determine the actual price to get back up and running. Come to us for one low, flat-rate, in-shop service and the peace of mind that comes with it. Click here to learn more ...
OS Express
Get in the fast lane!
Forget about 10 items or less! Get in the fast lane with OS (Operating System) Express. This take-off of our Signature Shop Service offers an even lower flat-rate service to completely reconfigure your desktop or notebook PC for best performance. Click here to learn more ...
No Part Left Behind
Your Computer Retirement Community
Welcome to the new home of computer recycling! With this program comes many opportunities for YOU to make a difference while still seeing a return on your good will. Saving the environment and supporting your community! Click here to learn more ...
Refer a friend and both save ten
We believe that "word of mouth" advertising says the most about us! Don't be selfish by keeping our exceptional service a secret! Share with your friends the bliss of sitting down
to a newly tuned-up computer! Click here to learn more ...
Tech Tips
Keeping your PC on your desk, not ours
We believe that your computer should only be checked in for a full system tune-up about once a year.  Emergencies will happen, and we're happy to help in a pinch.  The rest of the time, make sure your system is running the best that it can! Click here to learn more ...
Do the math and save
Service CCofSalem Big Box
Full Service Repair Package (Shop Labor) $80.00 $299.99
Initial Diagnosis & Troubleshooting Included Included
Virus & Spyware/Adware/Malware Removal Included Included
Download/Install important hardware driver updates Included Not Included
Install Antivirus, Firewall & Antispyware Software* Included $129.99
Install 5 Maintenance Utilities Included $29.99 each
Optimize for protection, speed & performance Included Included
Physical cleaning of computer components Included Included
Total Cost of Services $80.00 $579.93
* We install free 'better than paid' non-subscription security software; Geeksquad installs paid security programs that require subscription service and that use more system resources
List of Services
Current Rates
Full system tune-ups Diagnosis (May be upgraded to shop labor) $20.00
Remote Desktop Support for homebusiness Signature Shop Service (Desktop/Noteb) $80.00
Optimize for protection, speed & performance Signature Shop Service (Notebook) $80.00
System crash & data recovery Expedited Shop Service $40.00
Detection & removal of virus & spyware threats Pickup & Delivery in Salem/Keizer $30.00
New custom systems built to order Onsite: Home (Hourly) $60.00
Comprehensive hardware & software analysis Onsite: Business (Hourly) $60.00
Perform critical updates & service patches Remote Support: Home (Quarter-Hourly) $15.00
One-on-one tutoring / teaching available Remote Support: Business (Quarter-Hourly) $15.00
Wired & wireless network maintenance & security Component Installation (Modem, NIC, Etc.) $20.00

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